01. Startups Start Here

There’s a lot going on when you are starting your own business. We can take care of the entire process to get you online, growing, and engaged. You’ll have time to do what you do well and we can take care of the rest. With your MADE subscription, you’ll always have the best solutions, updates, and support around without every worrying about extra invoices or terms.

Brand Development

We will sit down and talk with you about your brand, your ideas, and your tastes. We can design your logo and prepare your brand.

Domain Management

After your brand comes your presence online. We will purchase, manage, and secure your own domain name (website address) so you don't have to.

Email & Productivity

One of the first things you should do is make sure your email address actually reflects your brand. Getting your email is the first step in marketing.

Web Design / Development

We will design an authentic and custom website for you. We take care of the updates, the hosting, the security, and the work.

SEO / SEM / Marketing

The most important part of getting seen, reaching your audience, and being competitive is Search Engine Optimization. We will managed your strategy, your online reviews, and help you plan your marketing.

Consulting & Support

We are your partners through and through. We are always available for questions, ideas, and support. You'll always be a quick message away from the right solution.


We do things differently from start to finish. We believe in bringing an old fashioned personal approach to design and development. We never want our work or our designs to feel stuck in time, so we include updates, changes, new media, and more in our plans.



Our first step is to listen to your story, your ideas, and your goals.



Our second step is to learn about where you want to go, how you see your brand, and the audience you want to reach.



We create to tell your story and grow your audience. No design is ever stuck in place. We believe in keeping things fresh, pressed, and ready to go.



With McGinnis Made, you always have access to updates, new services, support, and changes for new ideas.


Interested? Let’s talk. I’ll get back to you within the business day.

Work & Posts


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Projects & Promises

Our Promises and Our Projects We are a small, focused, and detail-oriented studio. You will always be a priority and we are always ready to

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