How We Were Made.

About McGinnis Made

I'm Ben McGinnis.

Teacher turned work-at-home dad creates a company named after his old classroom. That’s basically it, but there’s a lot more to it if you want to know more.

I founded McGinnis Made after 8 years teaching high school Computer Science and Media Productions. My wife and have three boys, and our youngest one was found to have a congenital cataracts in his right eye and that required surgery to have it and his lens removed.

Needless to say, he’s doing great but we also felt like it was the right time for me to start working from home and keeping our family closer together. After my 8th year of teaching, I decided to stay home and be a working stay-at-home dad.

My goal is to help build amazing and beautiful experiences for people looking to have their story told, their business grow, and their memories kept. My experience as a teacher gives me the patience and creativity needed to become the right kind of partner that people need for recreating and redefining their online experiences. I guess you can say that I’ve taken what I did in my classroom every day, and brought it out in the real world.

We work with amazing partners, and tell amazing stories. Let’s get things started for you too.

– Ben



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